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But Gin, I don't want to....

More practicing with teh Photoshop today. I wouldn't mind a few good CG/coloring tutorials. Anyone? Many thanks. I color too slow, it's taking me fooooreeeevvveeerr....But I come  bearing one fanart plus a BONUS. Yes, a BONUS!!! Mwahahaha. Anyways, a bonus sketch, for me, is either a doodle or a drabble or (as with this one) a page from a manga or doujin that I probably will never finish (therefore it's still rather useless).

I really should go back to inking. The lines tend to be extremely thick though, so I'd have to do the lineart AGAIN in PS, which takes forever to trace (I'm just terrible with a tablet, I shouldn't live).

Naruto is pleasantly picking up. I like the less action thingy Kishimoto-san is doing (and KAKASHI!! YESS!!) since the fight scene with the puppet dude (I have a nonexistent memory) was basically DBZ, only with a bishounen (who promptly died, of course, since shounen mangaka are pure evil) and evil Sasuke arc was completely useless except for two happy bits: 1) Sai (*glomps p*enisluvin' magnet*) and 2) hot Sasuke (yes, I think he looks a bit hotter...more zen or something, but he's starting to look like Itachi).

Oops, I forgot the bonus page. Anyways, here's the first page for my Aizen x Gin doujin that I shall never finish (as I can't recall the story...yes, my memory is that of a goldfish). It was supposed to be quite angsty and depressing.

This took me forever too, because of the lines. I should take backgrounds off the net instead of spending a gazillion hours drawing it myself. *sigh* I wonder how mangaka get their lines so straight? (And some backgrounds are incredibly detailed, with TINY lines.)  Ink has nasty tendencies. I suppose they use very large pages and have a few assistants.
By the way, Hayabusa (yaoi manga...I think it's from Storm in Heaven) has lovely minimalist art. Not particularly flowery or detailed, but very pretty, particularly the faces (though the expressions could use some flexibility). However, the storyline is currently making me want to gouge my brains out in frustration. Badly paced, confusing, and simply boring. It has so much potential too, if the mangaka will just slow down and explain the universe and the characters more thoroughly so we can actually 'feel' something for the main character and understand wtf is going on. Especially because the visual language is stunning at times.

-L (still trying to think up a nick....Aniel? Btw, it's pronounced Luh-thaw-nee-yell)
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