lythaniel (lythaniel) wrote,

*drool* Ishida...

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean. ^^ I adored the costumes...heheh, now I'm planning cosplay PotC fanart (Renji would quite dashing as a pirate...*drowns*). But today I come updating with Ishida, whose appearance I apparently forgot. I've never drawn him before so this turned out quite interesting.

-_-;; Yes yes, i know, his shoulders are at a queer angle. And I f*ed up his hair.

A healthier!Ishida version.

I'm not sure if I like that reddish glow on Ishida. It doesn't quite fit in this picture, but glossy red lips/nose are becoming quite popular for bishies these days (perhaps not for the whole body, heheh..).
And he's so angular! I think of hot archers as having fairly long limbs....though admittedly, his left arm looks rather longer than his right. And I scanned in pencil again, which is why the lineart looks terrible.
After I somehow get these on Bleach_yaoi as a bonus (since it's not quite  yaoi...shirtless, but not yaoi ;_;) I'll start posting the Grimm/Urq doujin. I'd need to do a yaoi pic first though....perhaps a GinBya pirate piccy? *wink*
Tags: fanart
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