lythaniel (lythaniel) wrote,

Original Doujinshi: coda in grayscale, PGS 0-3

Title: coda in grayscale
Pairing: GrimmUrqi
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Not mine! (But the doujinshi is. ^^)
Warnings: NOT WORKSAFE. Non-con, angst, depressing stuff, sappiness. Sketchiness because art is all done in tablet.
Summary: Um, it's an excuse for smut, angst, and GrimmUrqi.

PAGES 0-3 (Title Page not currently available....still pondering it...=_=)

*.* XD I just lost my smut-virginity! (All my fanart is below PG-13 because...yes, I'm a wussy. Haha, I admitted it!)

Gah, it's my first doujinshi ever  (except for the one Aigin page that never went anywhere -_-;;) and it's fully TABLET and NON-CON SMUT. I'm such a baaad girl *hangs head*. So you'll have to forgive me for the crappy anatomy (I need art lessons....;_; but I'm so poor) and the amateur quality (I still haven't gotten the hang of'd probably take me e to the square root of infinity years). And I have no clue what Urqi looks like o_O and kinda bs'ed the helmet thingy (Taito-sensei is so evil...he has to make up obscure props to confuse amateur doujinka).

I really don't have the story planned out *totally clueless*, but I made up some stuff anyway: The timeline is set before their first appearance in Bleach, pretending that Urquiorra wasn't born with his tear markings and somehow acquired it later...after this doujin (yes, I just didn't want to draw them. They disfigure his pretty uke face.)

I'll probably post three pages at a time. This won't be too long...hopefully -_-;; So I won't include any other pairings *nods resolutely*
I might be a bit slow on the next post because of the megalithic evil called REAL LIFE: picking seminars and writing essays, reading and making up book reviews, and most importantly, my puppy just got neutered  *sob* and I'm planning to spend the next few days cheering him up (he's really spoiled *sweatdrop*). AAAH now he's a eunuch like how I imagine my ukes to be and I feel like a terrible, evil, meanie monster (at least he's treating me like one....he's still pouting at me).

Title page comes later. Can't really figure what I want right now. (Gah, even the title has almost nothing to do with this doujin, since I don't have the story *facepalm*. Oh well, I like music  - listening, not playing....I think I have piano-induced trauma.)

Oh, and a big THANKS to everyone who friended me *passes out huggles*. I'm always amenable to more ^o^ so feel free to ADD(yay for friendship! truth! justice! shounen jump!). I suppose this doujin = bribes. (Though this post is probably scaring away more people than attracting *facepalm*).

Spread the (smutastic) love!
Tags: original doujinshi
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