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Puppy luv!!

I really don't have anything to contribute today since I have to write an essay and buy a laptop, so I thought I'd post up some photos of my naughty puppy. These are all rather old and he's a bit bigger now (though not by much -_-;; he's around seven months old now,  born on Jan 1) and the camera was really crappy, but you can still see him ^^
He's bounced right back from the surgery - I thought he would mope around for a few days since the vet said 10 days, but after sleeping for a day he's as pleased and annoying enthusiastic as ever, and running/scratching/gnawing/pooping around the house as usual.

Gah, these photos don't do him justice at all. He's actually really cute and - forget the saucer - has platter-sized eyes. Since he got his fur trimmed, we found out that he's actually pitifully skinny...not puffy at all like above. And he's not the most obedient or smartest dog in the world, but he's very clever (when doing mischief) and stubborn and tries to be good....sometimes (but secretly very evil...Fuji-evil). You can tell I spoil him by the giant crate of toys (and yet he still eats our slippers). (He has two kinds of dog food and three kinds of snacks, but will starve himself until we're forced to feed him our food. For some strange reason, he likes vegetables, especially carrots because he's not really a dog  but a rabbit.)

But anyways, an update on me and why I'm terrifically busy:

I'm struggling to pick my third choice for seminar for this fall; there are so many choices and I'm banging my head on the wall because there are some that sound interesting but I have no familiarity AT ALL with their subjects (eg., architecture, psychoanalysis, law), and I really don't want to fail! So I'm leaning on the safe side with liberal arts courses (I haven't read widely, but I'm generally more comfortable with books than, say, programming). My first choice is "Great Books: Ideas and Arguments" (because the professor is Cornel West and I've heard rave reviews), dealing mostly with philosophy, and my second is "Ancients and Moderns: Classics in the 20th Century", also drawing heavily from literature. Some of the third choices I'm considering are: "What is 'Law"? Law and Culture in and Outside the West", "Dying for God: Origins of Martyrdom", and"Art as Science/Science as Art". There's also a graphic novel seminar, but that deals more with Am. comic books than manga ><.
I'm uncomfortable with the fact that all my choices are humanities courses since I prefer to balance my schedule, but, as seminars are supposed to appeal to students' interests, I'd hate to find myself the only non-science/math/programming geek in the class (I'd also be the only girl, but that's a plus ^o^).
As of this moment I have NO CLUE what I want to major in, so that's no help *prods self*. I'm not interested in medicine or biology or the staple Asian professions. I wouldn't mind being an editor or anthropologist (even though they make negative money ;_;) and doing manga and translating on the side, but I'd probably be miserably poor. If only I could get a comfy tenure in...something o_O. Like, I dunno, manga. XDDDD

Spreading the (puppy) love,
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