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[DOUJIN] coda_in_grayscale: 4-6

Title: coda in grayscale
Author: Me. *yaoi sparkles*
Disclaimer: Ain't mine.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: GrimmUrqui. Yay!
Warnings: Fairly worksafe in this post; a bit of nudity. Still tablet, but cleaner than usual (okay, it's obsessively clean. Grr. -_-;;)
Summary: So why was Grimmjow screwing the (not entirely consensual) *beep* out of poor Urqui in the previous installment? Investigating backstory through Urquiorra's flashback. Mostly Urqui-centric.

Pages 0-3

I can explain it for you, Urqui! It's because he's UBER-SMEXY!! You've just gotten too used to Yami! *gets pwned by Yami*

*points and laughs at crappy lighting simulations* Oh wait, I did that. Oops. *hangs head in shame*

(I keep forgetting that Urqui doesn't have eyebrows. ><;; *faceslap*) And WTF is that 3rd panel on Page 5 so freaking clean?! Why am I so OCD?! *shoots self* And Grimmjow still doesn't look like himself...oh whatever, he's in Yaoiland and *drool*. *stares with sparkly eyes*

GAH, I promise that future pages will have more writing and action. (It's just that transitions/beginnings for me are rather minimalist, and I'm already minimalist with doujins anyway.) Sorry for the lack of smut, but it's moving in a more shounen-ai-ish romance direction, on the angsty/reflective/one-sided side - so don't expect sensitive!Urquiorra or, even more disturbing, emotional/nicebf!Grimmjow *shudder*. But at least it'll have some semblance of a STORY rather than some random PWP (which is always luv, but I can't draw penises *cough*).

The reason for Grimmjow's mention of the "innocence" thing will be made clearer in future pages....hopefully. -_-;; Actually, a lot of things will be clarified....*prays*.

If you're anal like me, you can comment on the heavy usage of white space (as opposed to black...because I'm retarded). It might even have a symbolic sense by the ending (or I just didn't want to draw backgrounds, or the backgrounds were basically white walls...which they were).

I just got my new laptop yesterday! No more thousand-something viruses! Yeah!! Had to reinstall a bunch of programs, PS included. Hopefully these next few pages won't suffer from the lack of brushes ><;;

I also read the latest fifty chapters of Eyeshield 21 today. If you're an ES21 fan and want me to be your worshipping slave, please point to these fic pairings (or write some yourself ^^):

-Agon x Hiruma non-con (OMG I want some SOOOOOO bad....Agon is one hot mofo'in' seme)
-Musashi x Hiruma (fairly popular, I think?). Please no Rui; I like him, he just doesn't appeal to me as much as Musashi screwing Elf Bro
-Kakei x Mizumatchi (oh pleeeease please? they're so cute together. oh stripper Mizu)
-Anything x Yukimitsu, just because it's crack. And Yuki looks kinda uke cute in the latest chapters, with his hair down. So slender and pale too. Just how I like my ukes. *faints*

If you want more SMUT and can draw, sell your soul pledge yourself to my doujin circle of hell and we can produce prolific amounts of smex. Or send me PSbrushes/money/inspiration after I'm done with this one *coughtenyearsfromnowcough*. Cheers.

Spreading the (absurd lighting) love,


p.s. He now has a hole in page 6. Let us perverts squee in happiness.
Tags: original doujinshi
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