lythaniel (lythaniel) wrote,

Anestiel, ai adore azure

I seem to be having an obsession with blue. Witness the practice sketch  below:

He's a main character in an original manga I'm planning. ^^ (but knowing me, it would take infinity + 1 years before the first page came out) His eye color would be amethyst though.
Argh, Photoshop keeps fighting me and dying at odd and inconvenient times (ie., when I'm selecting a color). Well, I suppose I'm doing well enough for someone who's just received it (two days ago) but I feel like a rotton beginner. I have absolutely no clue what 99% of the functions mean or do or signify, and I consider my Engrlish to be adequate (ignore the latter part of this sentence, I know it makes no sense).
Add to that the fact that I'm so used to black and white and ink that I no longer consider the world in colors, much less shades...
On a side note, I found out what "genetic chimera" and "mosaicism" meant today. I was reading the manga Intersexual (Janimes - the first chapter has been scanlated) and looked it up on wikipedia (and I was still calling ISs hermaphrodites....argh, I feel so old-fashioned and politically incorrect) and, browsing the links, discovered that FMA is not entirely BSing with the chimera-thingy. I also discovered that there was a HUMAN-RABBIT cross which made my eyes go O_O until I read that it was not allowed to live. Blargh, I feel so terrible for that poor creature. I would've liked to know how it developed though that might've been cruel. But still interesting.
Tags: original art
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